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I was looking for a guide to LinkedIn when I realized that the author of this book is one of my favorite writers for Lifehacker! Always loved her advice and resourcefulness, so I wasn’t surprised that she wrote this book for the mass of people who are looking to get the best out of the LinkedIn service. Like what the other reviewer said, this book is full of useful tips and suggestions. Now I’m looking forward to building up my connections and see where LinkedIn takes me.


LinkedIn in 30 minutes helped this old guy from being overwhelmed by the intricacies and “demands” LinkedIn seems to think we should devote all our free time to. Actually, the first 5 minutes saved everyone on my email contact list from disowning me. I reversed the error I made and stopped bothering everyone while I worked through the rest with the simple guidance from Melanie Pinola. Money well spent.


This book does everything it claims. It gives you a great introduction to LinkedIn and gives you tips on how to make a good profile.


After reading this book (it’s a short and super-fast read), I logged into LinkedIn right away and immediately applied some of the author’s advice to improve my profile. Much of what is in the book is common sense but there are lots of easy, simple suggestions on how to get the most out of LinkedIn, whether you’re looking for like-minded people or mentors in your industry, job-seeking, or simply trying to advance your career.


I’ve had a LinkedIn account for years without really putting much effort into it. Following the concise step-by-step advice from this book helped me get my profile looking professional. Melanie covers the essentials along with insight to strategies to further your career and/or job search. Highly recommended!


This book is a handy tool that not only assists with building your LinkedIn profile, but expanding your connections network and addressing issues in your resume. Before reading, I thought I had a basic understanding of LinkedIn, but there were so many other amazing features that I had no idea even existed. It is so much more than just an online resume.


I already had a LinkedIn account, which I use on a regular basis, but still found the book very helpful. The author gave examples and explained why it is important to detail and promote your account. Reading this book has motivated me to return to my account and update it to make it more thorough and attention-grabbing. I especially liked the information about connecting with other people and the ideas of how to connect with people who can help you gain information and job leads, even if you don’t personally know them. This is beneficial to everyone who is looking for career leads.


My favorite tip in the whole book was turning off the notifications while updating. Great advice and something I was previously unfamiliar with.